Welcome to our Newberries Gift List.

Our school continues to be constrained by the finances made available to it by government. The school receives the minimum level of funding and as we are fortunate not to be located in a deprivation area, this means that after staffing has been paid for there is little extra available funding. Through careful management – and a lot of support from staff, volunteers and fund raising – we are proud to have been able to effectively utilise our allocated funds towards directly improving children’s development.

However, we are now at the stage where, without further funding, we may be forced to review the day to day resources that enhance our children’s education and make learning fun.

We have set up this page so that parents and friends can help us build and maintain a better environment for all of our pupils. We have taken care to list items that we feel will enhance your children’s learning environment across all subjects areas but, as you will see from the list, there are also a number of essential items that we require just to be able to maintain our current levels of education.

We have also included the option for you to make one-off payments to the school or a regular standing order which would also help us to maintain over the longer-term the high standard of provision at Newberries on which we pride ourselves.

We thank you in advance for your generosity and hope that by working together with the parents and relatives of our school we can continue to offer our children a wide, rich and memorable education, and give them a lifelong love of learning.

We are grateful of the on-going support from all of our parents who continue to facilitate the many experiences we strive to provide and goals we aim to achieve. We would like to remind parents that, although raising funds for the school is a priority, as with all fund raising initiatives this scheme is completely voluntary.

Ms Peters & Mrs Traxon

Please note, this is not a shop and no physical goods will be dispatched. Once you place an item in your basket and complete the checkout process, the total cost of your order will be sent to The Newberries Parent Teacher Association (registered charity number 1047300) as a donation. The funds raised will then be used by the PTA to purchase the required goods on behalf of the school. This method is to enable the school to claim gift aid on donations, where appropriate, in order to maximise the value of donations.

For further information on Gift Aid, please click the following link: https://www.gov.uk/donating-to-charity/gift-aid

Please contact the PTA at [email protected] or 07930 371 377 if you have any further queries.